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my demo reel

Here is my first demo reel. Thanks everyone~!


3D Beetle Model

Here is a turn table highlighting the geometry of my beetle model. This is the base mesh that will be smoothed twice for the final render:

3D- Final Project




I am working fixing this little guy, Tachikoma. 😀  I am worried that I have too many polygon in the wire-frame. Also, I kind of don’t know what to do with the material. I want some metallic looking but I don’t know exactly how to set it up in Maya Hyper-shade. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated 😀




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Hi been working on compositing my jello in an interesting way. Worried about a few things though.
I quickly molded the hand in there, so it looks awful if you really look at it, is it too distracting?
And not sure how to seamlessly mold the ending frames together. They’re taken from the code’s renderer so I can show forces, not rendered in maya…